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German Kitchens

Welcome to German Kitchen Center, featuring award-winning kitchen design and innovative engineering by leading German kitchen brands Nobilia and LEICHT. German kitchens feature flexible pricing structures and customizable design to create a kitchen developed through strict quality standards, manufactured with durable materials, and constructed to your unique specifications and preferences, built to ensure years of reliable usage.

Nobilia kitchens undergo scrutinized testing before being presented to the public, including intense temperature testing, submersion testing, and other conditional testing to establish a highly-durable product. Robotic operations open each kitchen cabinet 60,000 times to further test durability - a figure three times greater than current German requirements. Additional inspections performed by outside organizations objectively monitor and maintain Nobilia's high quality standards. Because of Nobilia's strict product quality testing and commitment to bringing high quality kitchens to consumers, they were one of few worldwide companies to show growth through the financial crisis. Each day, Nobilia creates 2,850 kitchens for homes throughout the world - growing in capacity to reach beyond 3,000 kitchens per day in 2016. LEICHT oversees the production of all materials included in its product, investing 5 million Euros in a state-of-the-art factory showroom. LEICHT created the Interior+ brand to manufacture, control, and oversee all kitchen cabinet design and production of interior hardware. As a result, LEICHT-controlled manufacturing methods often achieve award-winning results.

Each year, Nobilia invests 60,000,000 euros into their factories and development to consistently attract new customers. As a result of closely following trends, Nobilia, in 2015, became the first German manufacturer of an all wood, traditional square panel solid wood door with German engineered features to appeal to American interests. Nobilia also invests in Hettich and Profi+, leaders in kitchen cabinet production, devoted to improving efficiency in cabinet storage, stability, running action, and design innovation. LEICHT, in a bold move, invests little into marketing campaigns, instead relying on their enduring quality and excellence to reach new markets. LEICHT offers exclusivity within the German kitchen market by completely redesigning kitchen cabinet organization, appearance, and equipment to meet consumer demand.

For the first time, German kitchens are available to American markets at comparable prices and often superior quality. LEICHT and Nobilia kitchens are the only two kitchen manufacturers offering adaptable price-points while maintaining their award-winning high quality and craftsmanship. LEICHT features nine different price groups to provide customers with alternative options to meet a budget without compromising any acclaimed LEICHT benefits. LEICHT research and development teams have located simple modifications that maintain LEICHT's signature style while drastically reducing price, appealing to wider markets while retaining customizable design options. Likewise, Nobilia kitchens can be modified based on cabinetry, countertop selection, installation, and other options to meet diverse economic backgrounds. With Nobilia, your kitchen features high-quality lighting systems built standard into cabinetry, energy-efficient LED lighting, electric cabinet systems, adjustable light settings, and ergonomically optimized kitchen plans while remaining within your budget.

German Kitchen Center is proud to present these masterfully designed and manufactured kitchens to American markets. With German Kitchen Center, kitchen renovation projects feature vast improvements to spacing, durability, functionality, lighting, and stunning design, ensuring final results to be nothing short of world class kitchens.

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The German Kitchen Center is a new kitchen cabinet concept in the United States. This is the first time that German quality kitchens are competing with the American kitchens both in pricing as well as style, while still maintaining the same superior German quality of any premium German brands. Until now brand name German kitchens were only available to very high end and very contemporary consumers.

German Kitchens