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German made kitchens reflect superior quality both inside and out; manufactured with superior quality materials and designed to operate functionally for the life of the kitchen often outlasting subpar kitchens. Some German kitchen manufacturers, such as Team 7 go to great lengths to grow and maintain special trees in their own forest specifically for the wood used to make kitchen cabinets and countertops. This growing process ensures that the quality of wood is strong and durable. Solid wood made for German kitchens is treated with oils that are then finished with pure natural oil, an antibacterial effect, which is free from pollutants. This wood treating process helps regulate humidity and absorb odors thus creating a healthy environment in your kitchen. This is just one example of many displaying the innovative solutions and dedication to quality German engineered kitchens.

Improved inner storage is another example of well-known benefits to a German kitchen. German kitchen cabinetry is built to maximize storage capacity and minimize hassle and time. One example of that is their use of modern technology to enhance the many different functions of cabinets such as doors that open and close electronically at the push of a button. Shallow depth shelving that helps items stay visible instead of getting lost inside deep cabinets is another. Another great benefit of German kitchens is that they are purposely designed for various types of appliances to be installed into the cabinet system allowing you more freedom when choosing kitchen appliances. Refrigerators, modern ovens, coffee makers, and dishwashers can be integrated smartly into the same cabinet, saving floor space and creating more countertop space at the same time. Our kitchen cabinetry is fabricated by using advanced mechanics to support heavy capacity while moving effortlessly.

Cutting-edge hardware is another key to the heightened performance of our German kitchens. German kitchen engineers at Leicht went to great lengths to design innovative glides and special sturdy ball bearings for deeper drawers and pantries, so that no matter how much weight is put on them, they glide seamlessly. With durable cabinetry, easy accessible draws and spacious cooking areas, German Kitchen Center believes one simple philosophy; better materials & design make better kitchens.

Just as German culture values outstanding craftsmanship, we at German Kitchen Center foster a commitment to providing the very best cabinetry from Europe across the nation to homeowners everywhere looking for superior quality kitchen solutions that also incorporate stunning style and design.

Better Kitchens NYC
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