GKC Kitchens

GKC Kitchens

The #1 kitchen manufacturer by volume in the world, GKC builds intelligently designed kitchens at an exceptional value. Featured in every 3rd home in Germany, GKC kitchens blend proven craftsmanship and attractive design to suit diverse lifestyles throughout Europe and the United States. GKC’s high-value kitchen solutions have been awarded the “Golden M”, a German quality mark as defined by the German Furniture Quality Assurance Association. Featuring innovative characteristics and adaptive approaches that conform to industry trends, GKC’s goal is clear: to be the most efficient kitchen manufacturer in the world.

GKC sets high kitchen standards by developing unique quality guidelines and implementing strict material and product testing. In their quality control laboratory, GKC requires that all materials undergo monitored heat, humidity, 24 hour submersion, and conditional testing to establish a highly-durable product. Each individual cabinet component is inspected by a team of quality assurance specialists for scratches, dents, and other imperfections. Additional inspections are performed by outside vendors to objectively monitor and maintain GKC’s high quality standards. Robotic testing opens each kitchen cabinet 60,000 times to further prove durability – a figure three times larger than current German requirements. Through detailed research and development, GKC designs products often of higher quality than high quality brands.

GKC remains the only company, despite volume, to manufacture a superior product time and again. They are one of few worldwide companies to show growth through the financial crisis. Every year, GKC invests 60,000,0000 Euros into their factories and development. Each day, GKC creates 2,850 kitchens for homes throughout the world – with capacity in 2016 to increase beyond 3,000 kitchens per day. By studying market trends, GKC constantly reinvigorates its image, tailoring kitchen products to reflect world-wide consumer interest and establish itself as a premiere source of high quality kitchen design and ingenuity. As a result of trending research, Nobilia, in 2015, became the first German manufacturer of an all wood, traditional square panel solid wood door with German engineered features to appeal to American clients.

As a leading kitchen manufacturer, GKC features aesthetic solutions including integrated lighting concepts that can be altered based on a user’s preference. With Nobilia, your kitchen features high-quality lighting systems built standard into cabinetry, energy-efficient, controlled LED lighting, flexible shelf systems, electric cabinet systems, glass light shelving, adjustable light settings, and ergonomically optimized kitchen plans. To give customers a more full understanding of product design and function, GKC produced a Quality Guide, detailing the technical specifications of each product.

GKC Kitchens
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