Charles Yorke Kitchens

Charles Yorke Kitchens

Charles Yorke combines traditional cabinet making techniques with modern technology to create inspiring luxury kitchen systems ranging from the very traditional to contemporary.

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The JUBILEE Gardens Project

German Kitchen Center is delighted to offer luxury kitchens by Charles Yorke. Using the finest materials and finishes, every piece is individually designed and manufactured for each of our clients. Paint finishes from the contemporary high gloss to the traditional hand painted, can be used or combined with leather, glass, or wood. Clients can choose from a fascinating range of sustainably sourced timbers. These range from the silvery pale tones of maple through the rich chocolate of walnut and the warm honeyed shades of oak and elm.

Attention to detail is very important to Charles Yorke, as it is one of the main elements that give his engineered kitchen systems their luxurious characteristics and unique aesthetic. It is that same attention to detail that will ensure your kitchen systems function exactly the way you need them to. With the installation of any kitchen system, clients are given a certificate of authenticity and an individual Charles Yorke identification plaque. Charles Yorke strives to ensure that not only do our clients achieve the dream kitchen they desire, but also that the entire design experience from start to finish is as enjoyable as it will be memorable.

To learn more about Charles Yorke kitchens, contact German Kitchen Center at (888) 209-5240.

Charles Yorke Kitchens
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