Kitchen Design FAQs

Kitchen Design FAQs

How Much Will My Kitchen Cost?

The short answer to how much your kitchen will cost is that we will accommodate your budget by matching you with the right kitchen to fit your needs at any price point.

One of the main advantages of our company is our price flexibility. We are one of the first kitchen design companies in America that sells modern European kitchens starting at a mid-range price point. Previously, these kitchens were only available on the high end of the market.

Our manufacturers offer a wide array of cabinetry and accessories, and we have the right product at every price. Leicht and GKC each have nine different price groupings that represent the different kinds of styles and finishes. Additionally, you can value engineer your kitchen design based on various other options. For instance, different types of lighting, choices of accessories, specialized hardware and more.

The German Kitchen Center will work with you throughout the design process to give you a clear understanding of how each dollar is being spent.

What will the kitchen remodeling process look like and how long will it take?

The kitchen remodeling process consists of the following steps:

  • Measure your kitchen.
  • Create a floor plan.
  • Select cabinet finish and appliances.
  • Create outstanding kitchen design.
  • Order the cabinetry
  • Receive, deliver and install the kitchen.
  • Order any additional required parts.
  • Receive and install final parts.
  • Walk through and create touch up list.
  • Complete touch ups including ordering, receiving and installing any last parts.
  • Align and service the kitchen periodically

This kitchen design and installation process could be completed in a few months or could take a year or two depending on the circumstances and designs of each kitchen.

Nailing down the initial design could take a matter of days.

  • Processing the order based on the initial design could take two or three weeks.
  • Production of the cabinetry generally takes four or five weeks.
  • Shipping the product from Europe usually takes four to five weeks.
  • Delivery and installation of the actual cabinets is only a few days.
  • The countertops are usually installed first, a week or two before the kitchen cabinets.
  • After the cabinets are installed, it usually takes two days to hook up the appliances.

Afterwards, there are a few stages of touch up, reclamation and finalization of the kitchen.

Why choose a European Kitchen?

European Kitchens are steps up from American kitchens in virtually every category from ergonomics to technology to appearance. This is because European Kitchen designers approach kitchen design from a similar mindset to how they approach heavy industry. Germany is world-renowned for the precision of its mechanical designs and automotive brands like BMW, Mercedes and Audi are sought after for these reasons. The German approach to Kitchen design is no less advanced or precise. In fact, the factory equipment used to make German cars are produced by the same factories that create the machines that produce German cars. German auto manufacturers have model years and so too do German kitchen designers. So anticipated and celebrated are German kitchen designs in their own country that German Kitchen designers launch their new lines at gala events at Opera houses.

German Kitchens are built to high specifications of quality control. Nobilia, for example, tests the strength of its kitchen cabinets against the toughest of circumstances.

That means that GKC simulated the use and abuse of their kitchen. They subject their cabinets to 80,000 cycles of use under extreme weight, far above the 20,000 or so actual uses expected from normal kitchen use over several decades. Because kitchens are subject to a lot of moisture, GKC literally submerges their cabinetry in water for 48 hours to see how well it can withstand wet conditions before approving a model.

American made-to-order cabinetry isn’t subject to such factory precise construction, nor is it tested so rigorously.

What is the expected return on investment for my kitchen upon sale of my home?

Typically, you can expect no less than a 100% return on your investment with a German kitchen installation. But because German Kitchens are so prized they can make a bigger difference for the value of your home and apartment because they cause a transformation in the overall look and feel and create more useable space with their efficiency. Not only can you get back several times what you spent on your kitchen, it can be the tipping point that actually sells your home.

I’m fascinated by Team 7’s Natural Wood Kitchens. Is there anything I need to know about taking care of a wood kitchen?

Team 7 offers a repair kit that includes natural oils and waxes to maintain and protect the quality of their beautiful wood furniture. These oils are anti-bacterial and anti-static, can absorb scents, and regulate the humidity in your kitchen. The kit also contains sanding paper, which allows you to sand away scratches and nicks on your furniture in a process so easy a child could do it.

How long can I expect to be without a functional kitchen?

There is no simple answer to this question. However, there are three basic steps you can take to minimize the amount of time it takes to install your new kitchen.

  • The construction/renovation part of the process should be completed within a short period before the kitchen installation. If you start too early, you might be waiting several weeks for the next step. On average, you should try to start the process two weeks before the delivery of your kitchen.
  • Construction and preparation need to be handled carefully so that when your kitchen is installed you won’t have to make too many repairs on any mistakes made during the installation process.
  • It’s important to have proper coordination between the various tradespeople who will be handling your installations. A good kitchen design professional will be able to have your contractors working in concert instead of at cross purposes, this will save you time without a kitchen and will reduce the number and duration of the repair process for any mistakes or unforeseen problems.

What Questions Should I Ask Myself When Designing a Kitchen?

Many of the most important questions for you to consider are addressed in our Kitchen Buyers Guide video series.

The answers to these questions will substantially aid your kitchen design process:

  • Do I need or do I want a new kitchen?
  • What would I like to spend?
  • What is my style? (modern, traditional, color, finishes, etc.)
  • What are my preferences?
  • Would I spend more for better cabinets? Countertops? Appliances?
  • What matters for appliances? Built-in? Range? Cooktops?

How do I choose my appliances?

German Kitchen Center understands that quality appliances are an essential part of your kitchen design. To that end we will help you select quality appliances that suit the look and function you want with your new kitchen.

Do you have a showroom?

German Kitchen Center operates several showrooms throughout the United States and we are steadily in the process of opening more. You can find the showroom closest to you here.

Why would I need a kitchen designer? Can’t I just do it myself?

A kitchen designer is a professional, not unlike an architect. A German Kitchen Center designer understands the model lines in detail including their styles, shapes, functions and finishes. Non-kitchen designers might not understand the nuances between the different product lines and layouts. However, while we don’t necessarily recommend doing your own kitchen design work, we are happy to help you help you find your way with our video kitchen buyer’s guide.

Can you renovate any kitchen, regardless of the size?


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German Kitchen Center - Kitchen Design FAQs.

Kitchen Design FAQs
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