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Modern Kitchen by Leicht

GKC German Kitchens The #1 kitchen manufacturer by volume in the world, GKC builds intelligently designed kitchens at an exceptional value. Featured in every 3rd home in Germany, GKC kitchens blend proven craftsmanship and attractive design to suit diverse lifestyles throughout Europe and the United States. GKC’s high-value kitchen solutions have been awarded the “Golden M”, a German quality mark as defined by the German Furniture Quality Assurance Association. Featuring innovative characteristics and adaptive approaches that conform to industry trends, GKC’s goal is clear: to be the most efficient kitchen manufacturer in the world.

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  • European Kitchen Cabinets
  • GKC Kitchen Design and Manufacturing
  • Get To Know GKC - The Global Kitchen Leader
  • The GKC Kitchen System
  • Kitchen with Serving/Sideboard Area
  • Kitchen Symmetry- Beauty and Practicality
  • Family Kitchen
  • GKC Adjustable Wall Panel Shelves
  • Modern Deep Wood Floating Kitchen
  • Traditional-Style Modern Kitchen
  • IMOVE Retractable Shelves
  • Raised Counter Bar Feature
  • Bold Red German Kitchen
  • High Board for Lofted Kitchens
  • Industrial Modern Kitchen
  • The 5 Way Handleless Kitchen
  • Europe's Most Popular Kitchen Brand
  • Quality Control
  • Laser Edge Animation
Modern Kitchen Design Videos
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