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Just like any home improvement project, pricing is a major factor when remodeling your kitchen. As such, we at German Kitchen Center pride ourselves on our price flexibility without the sacrifice of quality. At Germen Kitchen Center, we make high quality kitchen and kitchen accessories accessible to everyone from premium European brands Leicht and Team 7.

Our European kitchen brand partners offer an extensive variety of finish choices within their collections. For those in the market for high-end cabinetry, finishes like solid glass and exotic polished wood from Leicht are the height of luxury. Our kitchen value brand GKC is quite popular for clients who want meticulously engineered cabinetry for moderate budgets. And within each brand, both high-end and affordably priced, small adjustments can be made to bring the price down noticeably. Depending on which elegant finish you choose, the cost of your custom furniture can be very flexible without having to sacrifice quality.

As you may already be aware, furniture engineering options have a large impact on the total cost of projects; which is why our designers will help and recommend add-ons, so you can still get what you want without exceeding your budget. The same cabinet line can vary widely in price between basic models and those with enhancements. However, some standard choices such as traditional hinged doors are extremely high quality yet often available at entry-level pricing. Regardless of your taste and style, our designers will help you budget for the enhancements that are most important to your own life.

From the world’s leading kitchen brands to Europe’s leading custom closet brands, German Kitchen Center makes excellent quality furniture accessible to a wide variety of people and homes throughout the United States; with price flexibility on many levels even up into more premium kitchen lines. The bottom line is we make fine cabinetry and custom furniture available at competitive price ranges, often superior in quality to higher-priced competing brands.

From adding extra cabinets under an island sink, to consolidating cabinet space, to an entire redesign of your space, our design professionals have the experience to get you what you want for a price you can afford.

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Our experts will share secrets of the industry about the following:

Pricing and sourcing the various manufacturers for your appliances.
Options for cabinetry, appliances, countertops, how to calculate linear feet of cabinetry, square footage of flooring, counter tops and backsplashes … and more

At the end of the seminar, you will be able to create a real and workable budget for your kitchen remodeling project, as well as project cost of your kitchen.

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Kitchen Pricing NYC
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