Kitchen Quality Control NYC

Quality Control

German Kitchen Center believes that quality control is an important phase when remodeling European kitchens. All of our European kitchens we remodel are approved by our quality control experts. Our cabinets and countertop drawers utilize the German standard of rigorous testing. For example, GKC tests each new prototype by opening and closing them at least 60,000 times. They also configure that worktops must also support at least 160 pounds of weight over each cabinet which is equivalent to the heaviness of a coffee station that serves 90 people.

Our partners’ quality control labs use the most stringent and modern technology when testing the strength of their kitchen cabinets. Mechanical robots are able to simulate repeated human activity over the course of two days which is equal to a kitchen’s service life of 15 years. These quality control tests assure that all mechanical parts are tested for long-term durability such as hinged. Since home cooking involves different liquid spills, every surface is tested for resistance to many substances such as olive oil, coffee, fruit juices and even acetone are applied to surfaces in order to test for color fastness and material wear.

Components such as cabinet handles are exposed to saltwater spray and humidity for extended periods of time, and final models cannot show any signs of corrosion or stains following these tests. Kitchen cabinet surfaces are fabricated to withstand years of strong, direct sunlight without compromising the high-gloss lacquer finish. Our kitchens are made in German factories because they meet German quality standards.

Whether you are looking at a high-end premium kitchen line or a more affordable, moderately priced kitchen, every panel and cabinet from German Kitchen Center has undergone intensive levels of quality testing that are rarely seen elsewhere and will last a lifetime.

For more information about our modern kitchens quality control services in NYC, call German Kitchen Center at (888) 209-5240.

Kitchen Quality Control NYC
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