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At German Kitchen Center, you get the benefit of working with an entire team of dedicated local experts consisting of administration, logistics personnel, back-end support and individual project designers that are here to guide you through each step of the remodeling process. When remodeling a kitchen, special considerations must be taken, because we are creating an entire kitchen with your custom enhancements! Thanks to our fully qualified local kitchen designers and representatives, we will assist you through unforeseen challenges because vigilant and honest customer service is a central part of our philosophy. We carefully screen each step of the process from measuring, design, pricing, revisions, ordering and confirmation, order processing, technical confirmation, manufacturing, shipping, receiving, delivery, installation, quality checks, and periodical service adjustments. While local companies sometimes advertise custom kitchen renovations, the amount of support we provide at every level cannot be matched by a millworker.

Every kitchen remodeling project we perform receives the dedicated attention of a design consultant who assesses the layout, preferences, needs, and budget of the project. Any kitchen design or pricing challenges can be addressed upfront when creating a digital layout of your dream kitchen. Our logistics department will use attentive care when processing your kitchen remodeling order. We employ dedicated administrative representatives who communicate regularly with our manufacturers through every step of the manufacturing process. Upon delivery, manufacturing issues sometimes occur that need special attention from our staff. Between problems involving shipping, damage, adjustments, or factory errors, our local team is always available to provide additional support until the kitchen renovation is complete to your satisfaction. Our kitchen design management is very accessible and upfront, so you won’t encounter the red tape you might expect to run into when navigating an international market.

German Kitchen Center is the only German kitchen dealer in the United States who has successfully grown outside of a regional operation and into a national company. We’ve achieved this success today through our dedication to providing not only exceptional kitchens, but also honest customer service to our clients.

Kitchen Design

Designing a kitchen can have detailed code requirements, and other limitations that our professional designers will handle for you. Our kitchen design team will seamlessly guide you through the design process, ensuring that your stylistic, functionality, and space needs are met within your budget and time frame. German Kitchen Center’s design team believes that the kitchen is the heart of your household and should look elegant, while still functional for your specific cooking and living needs. Our designers will first review all the components involved in your project and then determine what meets your needs and present you with design plans to choose from. Our kitchen cabinetry inventory has over 2,000 colors and styles that feature sleek design, innovative storage concepts, modern accent lighting techniques and easy maintenance so rest assured we’ve got something for everyone.

German Kitchen Center’s 3D design software can also be a great tool to help visualize and bring your kitchen design ideas to life in front of your own eyes. Our free 3D kitchen design software provides many colors, materials, and adornments to choose from and renders a full-color sketch of your favorite design elements in your own home. While the software will not replace the work of our design specialists, it can complement it.

For a free kitchen design consultation, contact the German Kitchen Center today and one of our experienced kitchen designers will contact you promptly to begin bringing your kitchen dreams to life.

For more information about Kitchen Design Team NYC, call German Kitchen Center at (888) 209-5240.

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Kitchen Design Team NYC
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